I pride myself on taking care of my body. I like to think my overall lifestyle is good in terms of ‘what’s good for my body’. I eat fairly clean, & am very much a believer in the Rush Tush lifestyle. I am currently living the Naked Glow life. I eat clean, but treat myself too (what dreams are made of). I sometimes treat myself a little too much, but I like to think I am giving my body what it needs LOL. And as much as I believe in taking care of your body from the inside, I also believe in taking care of it on the outside. Aside from working out alone & also with a personal trainer (Mohammed at Moses Mabhida Virgin Active), I also use an array of products to help me look & feel good. I exfoliate, moisturise, & self-tan to keep my body on point. I don’t know about you, but when I look good, I feel good. And these are my bodycare favourites that make me feel good on the outside.

**If you guys would like my thoughts on Rush Tush Naked Glow, let me know down below.


Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Exfoliating Body Scrub

This creamy exfoliating scrub is probably my favourite item on this list. I have used a multitude of scrubs over the years but this is my favourite. I love the ocean & the La Source Exfoliating Body Scrub has a clean, crisp, refreshing, aquatic fragrance. I can literally smell the ocean breeze when I’m in the shower. I’m going to be 100 with you. This product was initially gifted to me by Crabtree & Evelyn last year… But guess what, I liked it so much I bought a 2nd tube when it was over. I know R450.00 is not exactly budget friendly, but I think if you consider the amount of use you can get out of it over a couple months, it’s totally worth it. Also the pricing is similar to what you would pay for a scrub at The Body Shop. I use this scrub twice a week in the shower. My skin feels silky smooth afterwards.



Le Tan Self Tanning Foam Ultra Dark

People often look at my odd when I tell them I use self-tan. My skin tans very quickly in the sun, however I don’t get much sun because I am seldom outdoors. My legs go especially pale during the colder months so I like to use a self-tanning product to give them a little life. I have used many self-tanning products over the years. Maybe I’m not very good at it, but I almost always look orange. However, when I started using the Le Tan Self Tanning Foam I am always left with a natural tan. Ok, once I did go a little overboard & apply 4 layers of foam which made my legs a little too brown… lesson learnt. I normally exfoliate the day before I’m going to tan. I always make sure my legs are shaved too 😉 I love that I’m not left with any streaks when using Le Tan products, because streaks are NOT CUTE!


**Before I get to the products that are focused on cellulite, firming etc. I feel like I have to give a little disclaimer. I don’t believe that any cream will get rid of cellulite. However, I do believe these creams can help the appearance of cellulite, even if just temporary. I personally love them, & use them which is why I have included them today. This is my body care routine & it would be weird if I didn’t include them. 


dr. brandt cellusculpt 

I purchased this product at Sephora in one of those typical Brett moments. I can’t leave without buying something LOL. I didn’t know much about the product, but I bought it anyway. The catchy line attached to this product “the jiggle is up” is funny. I know I often refer to my ass or thighs as jiggly lol. Cellusculpt has a stimulating massage applicator which I absolutely love. It is sulphate, alcohol & paraben free. It is recommended that one uses this product daily, in the morning & evening. I do not. I use it twice a week because most days I don’t spend much time on my bodycare routine & I like to spend at least 10 minutes massaging the product into my skin. I know most people say cellulite products don’t work. And yes I do work out at least 3 times a week, so I am toning my body in the gym. However, I do feel like my skin looks smoother the morning of using celluscuplt on my thighs. I know it’s expensive, but I think it’s great, & my skin feels firmer & looks more moisturised when I use.

RSP: R 958.36 BUY HERE


Nivea Good-bye Cellulite Gel-Cream

This product has been in my bodycare routine for many years. I personally love Nivea body products. I use Good-bye Cellulite on most days. I personally love the blue gel. It’s almost cooling & I find that appealing. Nivea claims the cooling effect helps activate blood circulation; which in case you didn’t know, poor blood circulation is what leads to cellulite. I know there are a ton of cellulite cream sceptics, & maybe it is all in my head. But I do think it’s worth a try 🤷‍♀️



Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This is such a gem. I have always wanted to try it, & I fell in love when I did. First off,  it has the most amazing coconut fragrance. I absolutely love opening the tub because that all you smell. This product is used to tighten & firm the skin. I use it on my butt & thighs. Most importantly, my butt. It is has a fast absorbing formula which is great because you can out clothes on almost immediately after applying. My skin feels nourished & moisturised after application.

RSP: $20 75ml / $45 240ml  BUY HERE

If you have any products you think I should try, I would love to hear about them, so please leave a comment down below.