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This time of year, most of you are winding down & getting into holiday mode. It is November already right? Well, some of us (I’m really talking about myself here) are getting busier as the days pass. Next Monday I leave for China, & if I told you everything I and to do by then – you would want to cry for me. I do love the pressure of having to get things done, & yes I do thrive under these circumstances. However, even so I often think of simpler times. But as nostalgic as I may get, the reality is that I will never know such times again. I am simply not that person anymore. And the things I want in life don’t allow that either. The career goals I have don’t allow me to put in 9-5 hours – I work all the time. I am now the person who would rather spend an hour getting work done than going out for a lunch with someone I don’t actually like, or doing something I feel “iffy” about. I spend my time with people & on things that I feel passionate about. I want to be constantly learning & growing. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. And I believe it’s important that we all have our own priorities – no matter what they might be. My priority is me, my career, my goals, & this blog. I’m 25 now, & I’m so glad that I realised it a while ago already. It has helped mould me into the human being I am. I am so grateful for that.

I know I’m rabbling on; reality is that’s it’s 1am & I’m about to pass out. So, I will probably post something before I leave for China, but know that if I’m quiet for the next few weeks – I’m working my tush off 🙂 Although you can always find me on instagram @brettrobson – Im never quiet there 🙂 Until next time! xx

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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