OK so we know I love playing with any app that is fun, girly, & has anything to do with fashion. This app is fab. I love love love it. I only discovered it a few days ago, so I’m still just getting used to it, but it is quite straight forward. You are creating a wedding dress, complete with the backdrop, and flowers. Its really fun, and for soon-to-be brides out there, it might be a fun way to play around with dress ideas.

Here are some of the dresses i have created.

After loving this app so much, I wanted to see what other app the creators have created. I found the CreateShake: Wedding Cake app. Yes, not so much fashion, but still fun 🙂

These Apps are available on iTunes for iPhone/iPod Touch. Have fun, & don’t forget to follow this blog with the Google ‘Follow’ button or via Bloglovin’, all in the right sidebar of the blog. xoxo