These Balenciaga look-alike purple thigh high boots from Public Desire were on my hit list for the longest time. I ordered them when i was in London back in August. And sadly, I have not worn them since purchasing them. Until this shoot of course. It dawned on me that I have so many amazing pieces like this, but I lack the social engagements to wear them to. Other than Durban being a little too tame for my purple thigh high escapades; I just don’t get out much. I love getting dressed up. I just don’t enjoy going out.

Who here can own up to buying items like this, in the hopes that you will wear them to a special event? I do this all the time. But ask me to get rid of any of it, BLASPHEMY! I am quite sure that many of you can relate to this. I have had a bag of clothes that I am going to be giving away. But when I look at the contents, it’s not the special items I know I’ll never wear. It’s the ‘everyday’ clothes that I have loved & worn often enough to be tired of.

Either I need to make time in my life for events & social engagements. Or I need to come to terms with the fact that most of my wardrobe gets worn on my blog & no where else. What are you thoughts?

Lilac Dress (Forever21) | Purple Thigh High Boots (Public Desire) | Bag (H&M)

Images by: @princeedgie