Initially this FASHION NOVA shopping experience started off as normal. My intention was to compare shipping your FASHION NOVA order directly to South Africa (international shipping) vs. shipping locally to an address in USA using the Shipito service. It didn’t work out that way because:

  1. I realised how quick the international shipping option was
  2. I delayed my parcel in USA (SHIPITO warehouse) because I was consolidating a bunch of parcels & it therefore threw the timeline off

So, even though I shipped the parcels differently if I am guaging from experience with the shipito service timelines… it will likely cost you more to ship via Shipito. What I am trying to say is, don’t make your life difficult: choose the international shipping option.



Paid $15 for international shipping & the order took 2 weeks to arrive in South Africa. When it arrived in SA, I had to pick it up at the post office & pay customs fees of R464.09 which was roughly 50% of my total order value including shipping ($60.48 / R901.16). I feel like if you factor that in when you are shopping then there will be no nasty surprises later. And you can decide if you think what you’re paying for is worth it or not.

Order 1:

Forecasting You Maxi Dress – Taupe | $34.99 paid $24.49 / R364.90 |  BUY HERE 

Something Special Asymmetrical Mom Jeans (Med Wash) | $29.98  paid $20.99 / R312.75 | BUY HERE

Love these denims, but teh waist isn’t entirely great. I kind of expected the waist to be a little snatched like the model, but it wasn’t. That being said, I have still worn & loved them.



On Your Radar Sunglasses – Brown | $7.99 paid $3.49 / R52 | BUY HERE

Peachy Soft Shape Wear – Black | $9.99  paid $6.99 / R104.15 | BUY HERE

Kendall Ruched Jumpsuit – Black | $44.99 paid $31.50 / R469.35 | BUY HERE

I am very impressed with my FASHION NOVA shopping experience. Honestly it was a pleasant experience. I would definitely suggest you shop when there is a discount code available so you can save $$$. But yeah, you get what you paid for. I don’t think the quality is the best or the fabrics are amazing… but it is fast fashion after all.

If you would like to ship your parcels via SHIPITO, be sure to use my affliate link below: