Fenty Beauty launched on 8 September with so much HYPE. The launch happened around 9am SA time & I was in the office.  I put my music on & got into the shopping zone. From the experiences I have had with Kylie Cosmetics & also KKW Beauty, I expected everything to sell out in minutes. I was so nervous, because I didn’t even know what I wanted at the time of everything going live. This whole thing resulted in my placing 2 separate orders. I placed the 1st order very quickly with the items I knew I definitely would be able to use. Then a few hours later when I realized nothing was sold out – i went back for more!

Rihanna partnered with Kendo on Fenty Beauty & they are 50/50 partners. Kendo is a division of LVMH & are also responsible for creating the Kat Von D & Marc Jacobs beauty brands. LVMH owns retail beauty giant Sephora. So, you see how Rihanna didn’t come to play? By partnering with a HUGE conglomerate like LVMH, Fenty Beauty was able to launch with up to 2 years worth of stock. But even so, items are selling out for periods (until restock). When I was in Dubai, I wanted to buy something & most of the medium – dark foundation shades were sold out. Also the gloss bomb.

I’d just like to mention how excited I am about the Fenty Beauty brand & what Rihanna & the team are doing. There has been a crazy amount of hype around the launch of 40 shades of foundation. I think what has made it even more special, is because darker women have never been given such a wide selection of choices. Also, the amount of undertones included in this foundation range, makes it even more diverse. To be quite frank, Fenty Beauty has many big brands shook. And you can see it on social media. I have never before seen more beauty brands sharing their foundation range online. It’s quite amusing.

Order Details:

Order 1: 8 September 2017

  • Match Stix Trio – Medium | $54
  • Gloss Bomb | $18
  • PRO Filt’r Primer | $32
  • Precision Make-up Sponge | $16

Total Value: $131.11 / R1756.87 (incl. $11.11 tax & FREE SHIPPING)

Order shipped from Fenty Beauty 13 September

Order 2: 8 September 2017

  • Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick – Yacht Lyfe | $25
  • Killawatt Highlighter – Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby | $34
  • Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush | $32
  • PRO Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation – 270 | $34

Total Value: $136.57 / R1830 (incl. $11.57 tax & FREE SHIPPING)

Order shipped from Fenty Beauty 12 September

Shipping from Fenty Beauty says international, however when I tried to ship my products to SA it would not let me. I could select the country, however I could not move onto the next stage in order to reach checkout. So, I shipped my items to my US Forwarding address aka SHIPITO & then I shipped it all to South Africa. I consolidated the 2 packages once they reached Shipito, so that I could ship them together in 1 box.

Shipito Fees | $53.08 / R711.27

  • Processing Fee $6
  • Consolidation Fee $9
  • Shipping $32.08
  • Special Request $6

UPDATE: Taryn from Facebook says that she was able to place an order on 19 September from Fenty Beauty & it was shipped to South Africa on 22 September. So, it seems that since the initial launch the SA shipping option has been sorted. It cost $30.61 for standard shipping to South Africa. This is really great because you don’t have to go through the added effort of shipping via a forwarding address.

I would absolutely continue to support this brand. Not only because I am a fan of Rihanna, but also because of what the brand stands for: diversity; and of course because the products are bomb. In the gallery below, I will share more of my thoughts on each item.