Coachella, where do I start? This has been a dream trip for me for many years. I had always said that I’d like to attend before I turned 30, & well I’m 29 now so I had to make it happen. I remember sitting in bed the night Coachella tickets went on sale. My niece came over for a sleepover & was right there next to me cheering on while I sat stressed in front of my laptop, iPad & iPhone. She didn’t know the details of what was going on, but she knew it was important to me. I can clearly hear her voice “Did we get it aunty?”. LOL.

My first choice for Coachella would have been Weekend 1. I knew Thithi Nteta was attending & I had no solid plans with anyone to attend so I could’ve at least had a friend there. But, after being stuck in the virtual queue for what felt like forever, Weekend 1 tickets sold out too quick & I had already had my Weekend 2 screen open as back up. So, I ended up with x2 Coachella Weekend 2 tickets. Great. I won’t bore you guys with the drama of finding someone to attend with me (essentially purchase the other ticket). I was let down so many times. But I think it turned out better that I could have imagine because I got to take my mom on the trip. She was actually the perfect companion. I am always travelling for work, so it was lovely to be able to go on this epic holiday & share it with my mom. Although I think she had a better time than me. She loves music & dancing.

Now, lets talk the actual festival. I was most looking forward to my outfits. I planned & planned & shopped & shopped. But in the end, I had narrowed my Coachella outfits down to 4 looks. I had a back up outfit just in case. Other than what I planned on wearing, Beyonce was my main attraction. I am so grateful that I got to attend this year, because it really was such an amazing experience getting to see Bey perform.


There were so many amazing outfits walking the festival. I found myself staring a few times. But I just couldn’t help admiring everyone. I had no one  inspiration with my looks, I feel like it was a different mood each day. Day 1 I opted for the denim skirt, snakeskin bralette & sheer kimono. That was a cute look; lots of skin. Day 2 was a bralette again, but paired with my pretty Brett Robson embroidery skirt. I did have the lining of the skirt shortened before I left. Personal preference & all lol. Day 3 was a burst of RED. I actually love the way I look in red. It was my favourite look of the weekend. I received so many compliments on my outfits which made me so happy. I don’t know about you, but when women compliment my clothes, I get really excited! I wore the same ankle boots all weekend long. I hadn’t worn them since last winter, but they were the perfect pair for my looks. I would absolutely suggest wearing comfortable shoes like flat boots to Coachella. The ground is so dusty, & people are stepping on toes left, right & centre. Also, the booties worked with all my looks so I won. In terms of what everyone else was wearing, it was everything & anything. There was lots of swimwear; nipple out; bums out; Boho vibes; conservative, covered head to toe vibe; sheer fabrics; denim galore; kimonos for days. I could go on & on. All that mattered was that everyone was having a good time really. Coachella is a family festival with kids as young as 5 years old attending. There are all types of people, & the age range is wide.


I ate wayyy too much food at the festival. I tried to taste almost everything. I think my favourite meal was the pizza, although I did also enjoy the pad thai with egg rolls. There were food stalls in every section of the festival, so you really had options, & you also didn’t have to walk from one end to a specific place to eat. There were also lots of beer gardens where you could buy alcohol. I am not drinking alcohol anymore, so I didn’t go into any of the beer gardens. Coachella is a family festival, so you did have to get a wristband in order to enter a beer garden.


I’m not going to pretend that Beyonce was not the main attraction for me. You all already know right? But Beyonce did perform on Saturday night, so I will start with Friday. Friday’s entertainment was awesome. I really enjoyed Kygo & Black Coffee. Kygo was really just so out of this world. I actually become more of a fan after watching him live. As for Black Coffee, the atmosphere at his stage was phenomenal. There were so many South Africans, & there were even flags flying which made me feel so proud. He was so amazing to watch. I genuinely enjoyed his performance, & danced so much.  SZA was also cool to watch but I wasn’t blown away.  The Weeknd was cool to watch, but not as great as the other two in my opinion. Saturday was Bey day.  I pretty much hung around the main stage from early evening, waiting for Beyonce, so I did watch everyone before her. MO was great. She was really such a vibe. Beyonce exceeded my every expectation. I understand why she could not perform while pregnant. She put on the most amazing show! It was great from beginning to end. And WOW the energy in the crowd was something else! We were all feeling it! Obviously Beyonce was my favourite performance of my life. Sunday was Miguel’s day for me. I love my man Eminem, but Miguel was the vibe of the night. I danced & sang so much, it was just so chilled.

Overall, my Coachella experience was amazing. I truly am so grateful that I have had this opportunity. I do not take it for granted. I started to VLOG this trip, but lost it after the 2nd day. For one, Coachella does not allow cameras with a removal lens, so my VLOG camera couldn’t go to the festival. And the 2nd reason I got over it, was because I just found that I wanted to be in the moment & less focussed on content creation you know. Between Instagram Stories & my camera it was just too much, & I decided to just experience it, & share on Instagram Stories rather. If you haven’t caught up with my trip, you can find it in the highlights of my Instagram profile (@brettrobson). I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post. This was really such a dream come true for me, & I am so glad I can share my experience in some way with you.