Leopard is a chameleon of a print. It can be sexy and sultry, ultra trendy or even professional. Pair leopard print with a white skirt, and you’ve put the perfect summer twist on this staple. But now, what to wear for shoes? Switching up the color of your shoes is the perfect way to take this outfit from day to night.

To make a leopard print top and white skirt work at the office or for a more dressed-up evening affair, go with simple black. A black pump will always work, but for a business casual office, black flats can work as well. Keep texture in mind, too. Patent leather adds polish to your look.

Tan or nude shoes are a stylist’s favorite for creating the illusion of long legs. Since leopard print often has dozens of shades from white to deep brown, no matter your skin color, shoes that match your tone will almost definitely match your leopard print, too. That makes nude-colored shoes the perfect complement to this look. Like black, this shoe color is good for the office, but will have a more understated effect than stark, professional black.

When you want a trendier look — say, for a night out, a weekend event or an especially hip workplace — go with jewel or citrus tones. An orange sandal is perfect to play all day, while a turquoise pump says, “I’m here to party.” Red, purple and emerald green are also great options. Pick up on the same color in your accessories or choose another contrasting tone. Below you will see that I opted for red. You gotta love this!


One leopard element in your outfit: hip, trendy or even classic. Two? Tacky. Steer clear of another animal print — whether leopard, cheetah, zebra or giraffe. Occasionally this look works on the runway, but unless you’re an off-duty model or a celebrity, the multiple animal prints look is hard to pull off in the real world. So don’t try it!