My journey over the past few months has been a little crazy. If you’re not following me already on social platforms like Instagram/Twitter (@brettrobson) or Snapchat (brett_robson), you may not have known that I recently purchased my first home. It’s a lovely 1 bedroom apartment in Durban, & I honestly couldn’t be more in love. The process of actually buying it went on from July. And I officially owned it on 26 September 2016. I remember landing in Cape Town, coming from China & receiving a text from the transfer attorneys. What a feeling. I want to talk more about my experience on becoming a home owner at a later stage, & more in depth so be sure to look out for that. I believe I have some really great advice to give, or even just a little insight.

In October we started working on the apartment. I pretty much ripped everything out except the kitchen. I had spent the past year gathering inspiration for my home, & had a pretty good idea of what I wanted: Instagram worthy. You may laugh or think it’s silly that I would create a home with the intention of it being pretty for Instagram, but that was truly my reason. It had to be functional too, which was sometimes a challenge, but at the end of it, I was happy. Throughout having this platform where I share myself with you, I have always wanted to inspire. By creating this beautiful space, which by no means is complete; I feel like I am inspiring others. It’s been a huge sacrifice for me to do this, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. And so when I am sharing these images with you on Instagram, know that I made this happen through hard work, determination & sacrifice.

I am really excited about my Instagram feed lately. I feel like it’s a little win. Almost as if it makes the sacrifices worth it. Again, you’re going to think I’m crazy. But please understand that my social platforms are an extension of me. And they are an extension of the business I have built. These are things that I am proud of. If you’re not following me, here’s a bit of what you’ve missed out on. I have wanted to do a How I Edit My Instagram Pictures post or video, so if you’re interested – let me know below.

Things I like. #superbMe

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Issa real one. (Bodysuit coming soon to @shopbrettrobson)

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'Cos I'm a @shopbrettrobson babe! 💕💕💕

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I love the space I've created. Money well spent 👌🏽 #closetgoals #homedecor #superbMe

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@shopbrettrobson Buhle Infinity Bodysuit available in Pink, Blue, Bronze & Black. Happy shopping! 🛒🛍

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  1. Bianca Simone


    This is great honestly. A young goal driven, career orientated Woman is always admirable. I like how you’ve transitioned over the years im following you for awhile and im so glad you’re making your dream a reality. You’re an inspiration to us younger women and positively influencing us . Thanks for all the hard work you put in just for your followers and also for yourself. We’re certainly proud and im sure you are too. Bianca xoxo


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