South Africa is moving to Lockdown Level 4, which means we can shop winter clothing online & in-store. YAY! I am going to be going back to work as we are now able to operate because of winter clothing. Another YAY! I am so grateful. I decided I wanted to purchase a few knit sweaters / pullovers & cardigans online (definitely not in-store), & wanted to share a few of my faves!

Most of the knitwear mentioned in my post is 100% acrylic. Acrylic yarn is used in most knitwear because of the pricing – it’s cheaper than wool or cashmere.  Acrylic is easy to care for, however, acrylic yarn is bad for the environment (it’s essentially plastic). Wool is an animal bi-product which means it’s going to be biodegradable. Wool does tend to be itchy against the skin, & mostly requires dry cleaning. I personally love it when I find a wool/acrylic blend because it’s going to last longer than a 100% acrylic knitwear item, & it’s going to give more warmth because it contains wool. There is also cotton knitwear, which is not a bad option for our climate as it tends to be a little lighter (depending on the weave), which means we can also wear the item in spring/summer. Now if you can afford cashmere… you best get that. It is more expensive, however, it feels amazing & is even warmer than wool.

I love this rust cropped cardigan from MRP. My favourite thing is the shade of rust, because it’s very rich & is quite complimentary to my skin tone. It is 100% acrylic. | R179.99 BUY NOW


 A singlet is not something I would typically gravitate towards, but I really liked this one when I came across it on the Superbalist website. I can picture myself layering it with a polo neck underneath, & on very cold days I can add a coat or jacket on top. This singlet is 100% acrylic. | R349 BUY NOW


 I am genuinely in love with this sweater from Zara. My only issue here is why am I paying R1299 for a 100% acrylic sweater?!  Ok, I get it. I have worked with knitwear before, I know why you’re paying that price – it’s the crochet detail. If it had even a little wool in the composition I would cave right now, but in the interim, I am just admiring it & weighing up my options lol. | R1299 BUY NOW


I am sharing this light grey jumper from Woolworths as an honorary mention. I own a jumper very similar to this one (it was from Cotton On), & I have not worn any knitwear item more than this one. This shade of grey is really great because it is so versatile & will work with almost every colour in your closet. If you buy any item from what I suggested today, this should be it. | R450 BUY NOW


 This is such a stunning piece from Zara, I simply had to share it. I love the embroidered sequins detail of this 100% cotton sweater. | R1299 BUY NOW


This lightweight longline cardigan is great for everyday use. I have a grey cardigan similar to this & it has become an essential item in my closet  – especially now that I have spent so much time at home. This longline cardigan is from Cotton On (found online via Superbalist) & is a 83% acrylic 17% nylon blend. It is also available in a few other colours, but this is my personal favourite. | R449 BUY NOW


I am definitely more of a solid colour knitwear lady. And this bold red piece from MANGO is absolutely stunning. I think the sleeve shape is quite unique, & the high neck always works. This is a blend of the following: 52% Viscose 28% Polyester 20% Polyamide. | R699 BUY NOW


 This snow white cardigan reminds me a lot of the SKIMS loungewear pieces we were all going gaga over! While I am not typically a fan of this faux fur / fluffy effect in knitwear (I find it looks cheap). I do think this one was done quite tastefully. I love the black contrast on the front. The blend is as follows: 75% Polyamide 25% Polyester | R949 BUY NOW


 I feel like this is more cool-girl-effortless aesthetic. Lol if that makes sense. I love this piece & the endless styling options that would work with it. This shade of blue is great with light-wash denim. The blend is as follows: 40% nylon, 31% wool, 29% alpaca. This is totally worth the price. I actually think it’s well-priced considering how much wool & alpaca is in it. | R999 BUY NOW


 I feel as though a V-neck sweater is something we all already own, but if you’re like me that doesn’t have a snow white one – get on it. This item is so affordable, & will give you endless looks to style it with! A true MUST-HAVE! This item blend is as follows: 46% acrylic, 43% nylon, 6% elastane, 5% wool. | R599 BUY NOW


 If you are going to buy a striped sweater, there are only 3 options in my opinion: Black/Cream,  Navy/Cream or Taupe/Cream. Do not waste your time buying fun colours, you will get much more wear from these more timeless classics. This is a great buy, & definitely something I need. This item blend is as follows: 39% polyester, 35% acrylic, 20% nylon, 6% wool. | R699 BUY NOW