**UPDATE – I was advised to shake the bottle more vigorously when using the Maybelline Super Stay24 MakeUp-Locking Setting Spray. I tried this on my Instagram Stories & it worked perfectly. NO WHITE SPOTS. So, if you have this, give it another try & SHAKE IT SHAKE IT SHAKE IT baby! LOL. I’m glad I tried it again!

I conducted a poll on Twitter asking which brand you’d like to see a One Brand Tutorial on next, & Maybelline took victory. It’s taken much longer than expected to get this out, but it’s here. If you haven’t watched the video, be sure to do so because it’s filled with many gems; and also with the most EPIC FAIL caught on camera. I almost didn’t upload the video because I was not happy with it by the end. It was not what I had hoped for. But had I re-filmed, you would not see the fail that was. LOL

I feel like Maybelline is one of those affordable make-up brands that gives you bang for your buck. The colour & product range are amazing. And the quality is pretty good for an affordable brand. To be very honest, I rank Maybelline mascaras to be better than 90% of the higher end mascara brands I have tried. TRUTH. The Colossal BIG SHOT mascara is featured in the video, & it was my first time using it. I have been using this mascara non-stop since this video. If you follow me on Instagram (@brettrobson), then you’ve seen me raving about it. If there is one product you have to have from this video, it’s the Colossal BIG SHOT mascara without a doubt.

Be sure to check out the gallery below for pictures, mini reviews & details on the products used in the video.