Tie Front Tops + Denim Shorts (MRP) | Adidas sneakers | River Island bucket bag | Watch (MARC by Marc Jacobs at American Swiss) | Sunglasses (Chloe via Moscon Optics)

I’m a little obsessed with the MRP Tie Front Tops, so I bought them in 3 colours: Navy, Mustard & Pink. The thing about these tops is they are perfect to wear with your favourite denims. On days when I am not sure what to wear, this is the sort of look I go for; especially with the heat we’ve been experiencing lately. If you’re going back to varsity, I suggest you check out the selection at MRP asap. There are tons of ways you can wear them, whether it’s to classes in the week, or on the weekend when you’re off campus. How would you wear your MRP tie front tops?

Be sure to check out the MRP Tie Front Tops selection here.

Images: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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