Skirt (MRPxHHxCN) | Sunglasses (Pucci) |  Sweater + Necklaces + Rings (H&M) | Heels purchased in NYC | Bag purchased in China

When this collection launched a little while ago, I was super excited. The previous Henry Holland x MRP collections have been great. This time, I really only wanted 2 pieces from the collection – this skirt & the camo dress. Unfortunately for me, the dress was sold out when I went to a store to purchase it. I suppose I could’ve picked it up online, but it wasn’t worth the effort. I think this skirt is GREAT. The zip is very cool, & very practical too. I always find it so difficult to drive in skirts like this. However, with this one I simply unzipped it a bit. Cool no?

I actually haven’t shopped at MRP in a while & it makes me sad. With all the travelling I’ve done this year, I shopped more overseas than I did in SA. And to be quite honest, I still have not worn everything. So you see why shopping locally is not a priority? Except when it is something I have to have – like this skirt of course. Hopefully I will make use of EVERYTHING over this festive period & start my new year with a clean slate. Possible or nah?

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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