Mules have made a comeback & are the hottest shoes right now – In My Opinion. I saw @queenofjozi (find her on Instagram) often wearing mules & I was keen to try the trend myself. I now own a few pairs of mules & they are all so different while all being the same shoe style. My favourite mule has got to be from Call It Spring. I purchased the white pair & wore it almost every day for a week straight – so I purchased the black pair too. Best decision ever!

I think what many women love about mules it is that it gives the illusion of being more comfortable than a traditional stiletto style shoe. I guess it’s the fact that most of your foot is being securely nuzzled. I also like the fact that they slip on & off with ease. Confession – I can’t drive in high heels. Mules are perfect for that because they are not too complicated. I also have to mention that while mules have been traditionally backless, we have seen the trend evolve with the addition straps around the back of the foot or ankle. I like this. It adds some dimension & security. So am I mad about mules? Hell yeah!

Mules can be worn with a multitude of looks. Whether you ware wearing jeans & a Tee or a fancy “night out on the town” look – you can find the perfect pair of mules for the occasion. I wanted to share with you a few pairs of mules that I think are super hot, & that you have to have!

If you haven’t already started wearing this shoe style, have I convinced you to try?

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