I’m so excited to be sharing today’s PRETTYLITTLETHING SHOPPING EXPERIENCE post with you all as it has been requested by many of you over the past months. We keep seeing all our Instagram faves (Jade Robertson, DJ Zinhle, Lauren Campbell etc.) wearing PLT & we want some too right?!  I have shopped with PrettyLittleThing many times in the past years, however it was always when I visited London as I could have the goods shipped directly to my hotel. I had never shipped the goods directly to South Africa, even though I am no stranger to online shopping from international stores.

When I planned this post, I wanted to give you all the options at once. So, I opted to do 2 orders of the exact same amount. Order 1 was shipped directly to South Africa via the PLT International Shipping option which costs £6.99. Order 2 was shipped via the PLT Local Shipping option as it was sent to my Aramex Global Shopper in UK & costs £1.50. Both orders were placed within an hour of each other, so exchange rate & all other factors were exactly the same. The only thing that was different was the shipping method.

Here is what I ordered:

ORDER 1 (Shipped directly to South Africa)

Subtotal £42 

International shipping £6.99

Total: £48.99 / R871.11

Arrived at Durban Post Office 18 June (Picked Up 21 June)

Customs: R491.30 

(Duties R289.31 – VAT R151.89 – Clearance Fee R50.10 )

Total order R1362.41


ORDER 2 (Shipped via Aramex Global Shopper)

Subtotal £42 

UK shipping £1.50

Total : £43.50 / R773.49

AGS shipping to SA R304

Customs R572.08 (Clearance is done via Aramex on your behalf as you upload your invoice to the AGS website)

(Duties R335.25 – Clearance R50 – Disbursement R13.73 – VAT R173.10) 

Received 6 June 

Total order R1649.57

When you compare the 2 orders, there is a R300+ difference in cost; & a 2 week delivery difference too. In my opinion that difference is not far off. Below I have compared the 2 orders in terms of duty percentage. There is a 10% difference in the duties, & yes I am aware that the shipping does add to this factor, but normally the duties for clothing is 45% in terms of SARS regulations.

Order 1 (direct to SA): Duties R289.31 (33% of R871.11 TOTAL) – VAT R151.89 – Clearance Fee R50.10


Order 2 (via AGS): Duties R335.25 (43% of R773.49 TOTAL) – Clearance R50 – Disbursement R13.73 – VAT R173.10 

I think this was a great PrettylLittleThing shopping experience, even though I was not fond of the 2 tops in the order.  I like that it was consistent. Not like the MISSGUIDED order where I was charged 67% DUTY on what I actually paid, as MISSGUIDED invoiced me at full price, not sale prices. Can you tell I’m still in my feelings over that order. Lol.

I am working on House Of CB next, but I would love to hear what you’d like to see after that? Maybe Fashionnova???