Shirt (H&M) / Skirt (Mr Price) / Bag (Blackcherry via Spree) / Heels (Steve Madden x The Blonde Salad) / Nails (Lila by TOY Nail polish)

Right now, I am sitting in the Emirates Lounge in JFK (NYC Airport) waiting for my flight from New York to Dubai. I’m really not feeling well – perhaps its the pain of leaving a city I wish I had the courage to move to. Or perhaps it’s something I ate. Or a bit of both.

I shot this on the day I left from New York – 1 week ago. It’s been such a busy trip for work & also me trying to see more of the city; I really haven’t had a moment to post it. Last time I was here, all I saw was Times Square & a few other little things. This time i made an effort to see more. So each time I’m here, I will see more & more until I see it all (hopefully).

Anyway, in this post I finally gave my Frontrow clip-in ponytail a try. Quite liked the look, although the texture doesn’t match mine at all. Its not that visible in pictures so I wouldn’t mind wearing them again for the blog, but certainly not everyday use. However, if you do have a straighter texture then they will look much better than they do on me.

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