As a member of Rih’s navy, I always try to support what she does. You guys know I’m quite the fan of her Fenty Beauty cosmetic line that launched last year. I’ve been buying products here & there. And I am honestly still loving the brand. I feel like Savage X Fenty by Rihanna is so on brand for Rihanna. This lingerie line is an organic progression in Rihanna’s empire.

When I saw the promo images being launched online for Savage X Fenty, I was most certainly intrigued by what the brand had to offer. It was all very sexy, but fun too. I think I’m a sexy girl, regardless of what I am wearing. But to be quite honest, I’m fairly boring when it comes to lingerie. I absolutely love lace lingerie, & anything that makes me feel good really.

Savage X Fenty launched online on 11 May 2018, & I was there to place my order. I opted for fairly basic items in my order. I wanted lingerie that I would actually wear.

My order details are as follows:
Triangle Lace Bralette (Honey)  $24 / R310.02
Mesh Lace Thong (Honey) $18.50 / R239.02
High-Waist Microfibre Brief (Brown Sugar) $16.50 / R213.18
Floral Stretch Lace Bodysuit (Caviar) $69 / R891.48

Subtotal: $128 / R1653.76
Tax: $12.80 / R165.38
Shipping: FREE

Total: $140.80 / R1819.90 (R12.92 exchange rate)

**Image below is an example of what my order would have been in Rands had I ordered it & had it shipped directly to South Africa.

I had this order shipped via my US forwarding address/service (Shipito). At the time of placing the order, I didn’t see an option for shipping to South Africa. However, since my order I do see that the site has pricing in ZAR & also shipping to SA available. In ZAR the order value excl the shipping & duties was R2078.40 which is more than what was deducted from my bank account. Shipping was approximately R315.10 when I added 1 item to the cart. However, when I added the exact items I placed in my order, shipping was a minimum of R632.60 excl duties, and R1260.30 for the prepaid duties. I’m not sure how that would work in terms of prepaid duties. But wow that’s a lot.   As shipping was free to my forwarding address in California, I only had to pay for shipping to SA. the parcel was shipped out on 12 May which was expected. The package arrived at the warehouse in California on 16 May.

A breakdown of the fees are as follows:
16 May: Package arrived at Shipito warehouse

18 May: Package shipped to SA
Costs: $24.94 ($2 Processing Fee + $22.94 Shipping Fee) / R322.22 (R12.92 exchange rate)

21 May: Package arrived in SA

22 May: Package delivered to me.
**NO CUSTOMS charges

Toal cost of this order was R2142.12 through shipping via my US fowarding address. In comparison to the R3971.30 I would’ve paid had I shipped it to SA, the R1829.18 saving is AMAZING! There’s absolutely no doubt about it.

I made a list of some Savage X Fenty items that are on my WISH LIST for a later date.
What’s on your wish list?