So I’m back on track with Nina Garcias “The ONE Hundred”. It’s about time – right!? Today I will be taking you through items 10 – 13, which alphabetically brings B to a close.

So here goes..Every STYLISH woman MUST own…

#10 Black Opaque Tights

Yes yes yes. I absolutely believe that every woman (whether she considers herself stylish or not) should own black opaque tights. These can simply complete a look. Nina suggests wearing black tights with black suede boots or a black heel so ‘the eye sees one long, sleek line’. Also, make sure to buy black opaque tights that you cant see through. If it starts to look blotchy- throw them out. Another thing, they aren’t pants!!!

One more item I can tick off my list!!! Yay I’m getting there, are you?

#11 Blazer

I can tell you already that I do not own a tailored blazer. But I’ll tell you this, I will soon!

Nina says the key to the blazer is to make sure each element is tailored for you! And here’s how:

Buttons: Real button-holes people, no fakes! It’s a sign of quality.
Sleeves: Sleeves should fall at the heel of your hand. It’s timeless & classic.
Shoulders: Straight & crisp ladies! Also, the seam where the arm & body meet should be at the edge ofyour shoulder.
The Front: The front of your blazer should lie smooth when buttoned – no bumps or bulges please.
Length: It’s all up to you, but the classic length falls at the hip.

Sounds good right!

#12 Boyfriend Cardigan

I love the idea of a woman slipping into her man’s clothes. Tres sexy! So you can imagine that this is right up my alley! I don’t have anyone to steal it from, but I will definitely be finding myself one in the men’s department.

According to Nina, the best version of the Boyfriend Cardigan has 4 buttons, & 2 pockets on the front. Nina suggests wearing it with a tank top & belting it. Chic, yes!!

Love this Isabella Oliver cardigan!!!

#13  Brooch

Whenever I think of brooches, I see an older, sophisticated woman, so I’m honestly not all that keen on this item. Am I the only one???

Anyway, Nina too acknowledges the stereotypical association of brooches with grandmothers & aunts. However, she reckons a brooch can be used to add some spunk to the simplest of looks. And I’m sure they can. Wearing brooches in your hair, on a hat, and especially on your clothing could just take you from drab to fab! I like the idea of wearing brooch on a simple white T. Now that’s fab!!!

Keep coming back to Fashion by Brett Robson to see the rest of Nina’s list of chic must-haves!!