A great way to amp up your Little Black Dress is to add a pair of racy red heels. You really can’t go wrong with that combo. But where you could strike out is with your accessories. I am going to show you a few great ways you can stop traffic with trendy accessories, a fab black dress, & sassy red shoes!

Accessorise with…

Gold & black are a stylish combo, and even more so when you add a touch of red in the mix! Red & gold can really bring the colour palette together, & even better – keep the attention on your gorgeous shoes!

I opted for a bold ring, large earrings, & a simple clutch.

Black, white & red make for an ultra mod combo, & provides opportunity for real experimentation. Find a clutch with geometric designs, or jewellery in funky shapes, such as square bangles or triangle earrings.

I love the off-white bangle with black gem.

For this full skirt dress, I placed a black&white flower headband in her hair, & a red & white belt to finish.

Red on Red
This may seem like the obvious choice, but it certainly brings the look together stylishly. Your red shoes, with a red clutch, and red tinted jewellery are going to look just fab! And if you want a tone-on-tone variation, try patterns. You can even try red jewellery with silver embellishment.

Now doesnt this look super chic!?

This one is a little more tricky than the others. Here, shades of colour are very important! Cherry red shoes will look great with an almost neon green accessory. Whereas burgandy shoes look fab with forest green. By adding a green accessory, you are getting an additional colour pop on top, that will tie in with the deep, rich tones of red at the bottom.

So, how are you going to accessorise your look?