When in doubt – wing it out.

Winged Eyeliner step by step tutorial

Based on my 90% of my Instagram selfies (@brettrobson – if you didn’t already know), & most of the images you’ve seen here – you already know: I love winged eyeliner! For me personally, what I like most about winged eyeliner is that it really can complete a look without even going through the effort of eyeshadow & all that. When I am rushing for work in the morning, this is my go-to look. A little mascara & a winged eye and that’s it for the eyes. It takes 2 minutes tops. Winged eyeliner also makes you look more awake & wide eyed, & it can enhance your eye shape in the process.

I wear a winged eye often enough that I am able to use every kind of eyeliner with ease. My current favourite, & the easiest to use for beginners would be a thick felt tip like the L’OREAL Super Liner Blackbuster. This eyeliner is great for a bold, graphic eye. Below I have shown you how to create a winged eyeliner look using this very liner. The reason I say it is easiest is because, should you use a thin liner, it requires a lot more precision & a steady hand. However, if you do choose to opt for a thin liner, the L’OREAL Super Liner So Couture is a great option. It is BLACK. Like really BLACK! And if trying a gel liner is for you, I suggest the Yardley Expert Eyes gel liner available at Clicks.

Here is my Step by Step winged liner tutorial using the L’Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster:

Winged Liner in 5 Steps 1.Draw the first line as though you are drawing a straight line from the outside corner of your eye up towards the end of your eyebrow.

2. Draw a line from the top of your straight line going downwards towards the centre of your eyelid

3. Draw a line from your inner corner until it meets the line at the centre

4. Fill in this outline. Basically you’re colouring in.

5. Clean up your line using some concealer.

This is a super easy method because it requires a lot less precision. However, you can apply the same process even when using a thinner tip liner. It may just take a few more steps & a little more precision.



  • Keep your eyes open & hold a mirror so that you are looking downwards.
  • Keep an earbud with make-up remover close by for any clean ups
  • You could use scotch tape to help get your outside line as straight as possible