Today’s Blogging 101 topic is very dear to my heart. I personally struggle with posting content on a regular basis. Right now in particular is especially difficult for me create content as I returned from New York last Thursday evening. I then spent Wednesday in Johannesburg for work. And I am leaving to China 1 week from today. Yikes! I feel super stressed having just typed that. Most of you reading the posts in this Blogging 101 series are newbie bloggers; or you’re thinking about starting a blog. Before you make your next move, I suggest you keep reading today’s topic on how often you should post content to your blog.

Firstly, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have time to dedicate to your blog?
  2. How much time each week can you spend doing blog related activities?
  3. Are you willing to make sacrifices in your personal life, career, or studies in order to create content for your blog or do other blog related activities?

When I started this blog, I had lots of time to dedicate to it. However, since then I have started Shop Brett Robson, & I also have a high-pressure career that take up most of my time nowadays. This obviously excludes anything personal I have going on.  And to be quite honest, I’m not sure I have any authority speaking on this topic, but I’m going to do it anyway. Because if anything, it may inspire me to get my A into G & start doing the damn thing!

Here is my 2017 in content so far:


7 Videos

6 Blog Posts

**Lots of this content was crossover between here & my  YouTube channel.


3 Videos

2 Blog Posts

**Again, the content was crossover between platforms.


The truth of the matter is, the amount of content you post depends on what kind of content you create. Some content may require more preparation or study; & perhaps it’s not the kind of content that people would view daily. If you’re creating content that is a little more digestible then posting daily or about 3 times a week may be where you position yourself. Beauty & fashion content is what I consider to be “digestible”. And as someone who creates content in these areas, I strive to put out content 2-3 times a week. If I could do that, I would be very happy with myself.

Leigh from Lipgloss Is My Life is someone I admire when it comes to content. If you’re looking for a great beauty review, Leigh is your girl! And she posts content so regular that you’re bound to find her thoughts on a product before it’s even out on the market. Aqeelah Harron of Fashion Breed is another blogger I admire. This lady is posting so much amazing fashion & beauty content to her platforms on a regular basis; I have been in awe. She posts 2-3 posts weekly, & if I am not mistaken, there was a time it was almost daily. Very impressive, because the quality of content is great too. Posting daily or 3 times a week is really great, but I do feel like you should also maintain a standard of quality that you can be proud of. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times when I have posted content simply because I needed to post content, but there are also MANY times when I have scrapped content because it was not good enough. Are you interested in quality or quantity?

My next point has got to do with traffic on your site. I speak from experience, but I am very sure that there will be many established bloggers that will agree with me. You are more likely to increase the amount of traffic to your platform by posting more often. It’s pretty simple. The more you post, the more you share & essentially direct people to your site. This will eventually build your readership, & you will find that some people will visit your site without even knowing whether you’ve posted new content or not. And all the while, you are continuing to do what you’re doing, & gaining new readers too.

I feel like there is no right or wrong way to be a blogger, but consistency is key. If your readers expect to content 5 days a week, then it’s important that you give them that. But at the same time don’t over exert yourself. If you know you are only capable of posting twice a week, then try to maintain that. If you are able to get out extra content here & there, then great. Most of us have jobs, or are studying so you need to be realistic when setting these goals for yourself. So, tell me how much content do you plan on posting to your blog? And do you truly believe you will be able to maintain it?

As always I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. I really love speaking on my experiences as a blogger, & share what I can with you. Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions on blogging.