Silver collar (Sass Diva) | Green shirt (Foschini) | Floral shorts (Jay Jays) | Studded platforms (eBay)
I cannot put into words the many things I am grateful for. I have been given so many opportunities to work with brands, be featured on websites, blogs, and be seen in magazines. And lets not forget the fact that I am growing as a blogger, person & professional. I try to learn from everything I do. I work hard, have many sleepless nights, & spend way to many evenings falling asleep next to my MacBook Pro. But be assured that I am seeing the fruits of my labour. And it is absolutely worth it! So this post is dedicated to hard work, dreams, & dedication. I couldn’t do any of it without those. And you reading this of course. Thank You from the depths of my heart. Your support, comments, tweets, mails etc are what I really look forward to. So keep them coming!

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