I returned home from China on Monday, & after a crazy week abroad working, I’m exhausted. If you follow my Instagram (@brettrobson) or Snapchat (brett_robson) you would know that a day before I was supposed to leave I changed my flight, & left a day later. Preparing for a trip to China takes so much time, & it requires me to just focus on that & nothing else. Everyone in my office knows the drill before a China trip “if it’s got nothing to do with China, I’m not doing it” lol. The extra day of preparation made a world of difference for me. Thursday evening I had worked until after 9pm; & on Friday until 5pm. So, by Saturday I had a few last minute things to sort out & I was home from the office by 12pm with 4 hours to kill. Today’s post was the result of those 4 hours: MY Easy, Chic Airport Style. When I travel, I like to look stylish & put-together, but I also like to feel comfortable. I put together a few looks I often rock when catching long flights. I use a few items to create many looks: it’s a game of mix & match. And in all honesty, the outfit possibilities are endless.


Look 1

Blazer (H&M – old) | Girlfriend Denims (GAP) | Top (Brett Robson via ZANDO) | White sneakers (H&M) | Black chunky heels (ZOOM via Planet54) | Bow Sandals (Cape Robbin)

You can choose to style this look with any of these 3 footwear options, but for the purpose of the video, I chose the white sneakers. I found them in New York & have been wearing them a ton since making the purchase. I have become so much more comfortable wearing sneakers. The stripe blazer is an old favourite, also from H&M. I feel like it’s an instant chic upgrade the second I put it on. The black tank is from my line & is available via ZANDO. It’s quite a popular item, & is actually SOLD OUT on Shop Brett Robson, but as I mentioned, it’s still available on ZANDO as they’ve we’ve just restocked it on there.

Look 2

‘AMY’ Leggings (Lorna Jane) | Off-shoulder Blouse  & Leather Jacket (ZARA) | Black chunky heels (ZOOM via Planet54)

You can’t go wrong when traveling in a pair of leggings; except if they’re sheer at the butt of course. I actually wore this look when flying to China, but swapped out the leather jacket for a denim jacket, & the chunky heels for sneakers. I’ll say it again, the outfit possibilities are endless.

Boarding my flight. This is what I decided to wear today. #travelstyle

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Look 3

Adidas track pants (Adidas) | Velvet Cami (Zara – old) | Denim MOTO Jacket (Topshop) | Satin Bow Slides (Cape Robbin)

I’d like to start off by giving credit to KKW for making me see an Adidas tracksuit as more than just something just a tracksuit. Kim really opened my eyes to it, & more than anything inspired me. I have worn this tracksuit so much lately. I think it goes down as one of my best purchases of 2017 already. I won’t lie, I want more! I feel like a track pant is not only great for travel because it’s comfortable; but it gives off that trendy, cool vibe. I paired it with my denim MOTO jacket from Topshop, yet another item I simply cannot stop wearing! The cute satin bow slides from Cape Robbin were picked up when I was in NYC. Yeah, I know they’re knock-offs of Rihanna’s FentyxPuma slides, but I couldn’t resist them. I do want to buy the Khaki FentyxPuma slides but I’m not sure when that will happen to be honest.

And that’s it folks, MY Easy, Chic Airport Style. I hope you’ve enjoyed the post. It gives me great pleasure to have it up for you. I would love to hear what your idea of a great airport look is. Be sure to let me know down below!