It’s no secret that I get to travel quite a bit for my job. And having recently been on a trip, I thought it was the perfect time to bring up the topic of this fashion blogger’s travel style. If I was asked to describe my travel style, I would say “comfortable”. There are not many times I put comfort before fashion, but in this case – comfort always wins. My first overseas trip was to China almost 3 years ago. And as I look back at that trip, I see that my travel style is pretty much the same, just a little more stylish.
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 Top (Cotton On) | Brett Robson high-waist legging (Shop Brett Robson / Zando / Sassychic) |
Duster coat (Primark) | Bag (Blackcherry Bags) | Scarf (my mom) | Mule/Boot (Forever21)


My travel look almost always consists of leggings. I have a few pairs of leggings which I refer to as my “travel pants”. Nothing beats a great stretchy, comfortable pair of leggings to sleep & relax in on a long flight. While I have stated many times that leggings are not to be worn as pants because they do not cover the essentials – in this case, they can be worn as pants because when I wear them, I either pair them with a longer length top, or I tie a shirt around my waist to cover my bits. When purchasing your pair of “travel pants”, I suggest you try a great quality ponte pant or a heavy weight (thicker than normal) cotton spandex legging. I suggest these because they are going to be warmer than your average thin, cheaper legging that gets “worn out” quite quickly. I used to purchase my leggings from H&M. They have a great Basics department, & the pricing is so affordable it’s shocking. Here in SA, quality generally isn’t cheap, & spending R69 on a pair of lightweight Rayon Spandex leggings from MRP that are going to pill & fade after 1 wash is not worth it. Rather spend around R200 or more if you can afford, on a beautifully made legging in a better fabric. I suggest a medium-heavy weight Ponte or Nylon Ponte which is even better. I love Nylon Ponte – it has just the perfect amount of luxury & feels amazing! My Brett Robson ‘Fast-Lane High Waisted Legging’ could be the perfect legging for you if you are looking for a luxurious feeling legging that is comfortable & stylish (purchase via Shop Brett Robson / Zando / Sassychic). I don’t know about you but I especially love a high-waist. It makes me feel like my tummy will be sucked in – especially when I’m feeling bloated. It is also particularly handy to wear a loose fitted top. I love the one I am wearing from Cotton On – I have it in multiple colours, but black never fails.


During the flight, it gets a bit chilly, & while in first or business class the blankets are thicker – if you are travelling in economy the blankets aren’t exactly your warm duvet. I always suggest you take a scarf or a cardigan. I often carry a scarf in my carry on luggage & drape it around myself when I am flying. I hate being cold. I would rather be sweaty & hot than cold – any day! I like to think that you should always have options. Rather be able to take layers off – than not have any layers to put on if need be. Right? While on the topic of keeping warm, I should mention outerwear. It’s important that you carry a jacket or cardigan with you. I would suggest you opt for a simple jacket or cardigan, because chances are you will sleep with it on. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in it while you sleep. Let’s be honest, sleeping on a plane is uncomfortable enough – you don’t want to make it worse.


When it comes to shoes, I almost always wear closed shoes. No particular reason if I am quite honest, because the airline does provide you with socks, & I always carry socks in my carry on anyway – so I guess it would be because most of my flat, closed shoes are comfortable. That being said, I do sometimes wear sandals. My average type of sandal is a little more complicated than a pair of sneakers, but when I wear those it’s honestly just for the look. I am allowed to do that sometimes, right? Right. But where I do suggest we think comfort rather than look is jewellery. I used to struggle with this before. I would find myself taking off rings, necklaces, bracelets etc while flying. That was until I understood the concept of minimalism. There is absolutely no need to pack every piece of jewellery you own on your body when you are flying. It’s going to get tangled, or lost, or at least hurt you when you sleep.


And last but definitely not least, let’s talk about your handbag. I fell in love with this Blackcherry Bag oversized shopper on this last trip to China. Firstly it matches my River Island luggage. And secondly, it is the perfect size to fit all my bits & bobs. When I take my seat on the plane I often unpack items from my carry-on bag into my handbag (I don’t put my handbag in the overhead stowage area unless I am sitting in an area that requires it). And if you add in books or magazines  – you definitely want a bag that is big enough to carry those for you. This bag is absolutely perfect for travel – in my opinion.

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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