Dress (Asos – similar here) / Neon Clutch c/o (Blackcherry via Style36) / Wedges (H&M) / 
Swallow Ring & Neon Rope Bracelet (Mr Price) / Lipstick (Inhibition from Topshop)
Fashion By The Sea was cancelled last night! Yes, quite sad I know 🙁 But I have heard that it will be rescheduled for a later date so I am looking forward to that. Never mind the fashion shows not happening, everyone still seemed to have a great time at Moyo. I know I did. Took lots of pictures & had a great time with my date for the night – Lisa. I hate going to these things alone so it’s always good to take a friend with so you aren’t left standing alone. lol
Many people seemed to be loving the turban 🙂 My first time trying it out, but I am quite pleased.  Have also been DYING to use the neon clutch that my friends at Blackcherry Handbags sent me, & I am so glad it made its debut with this look! Oh! And the cross dress from Asos just arrived this week too 🙂 I really got soooo many compliments on the entire look. 

That’s Neil in the middle. AND Yes, that’s a real Birkin bag!!! Almost died!!

Lisa & Azhar – them model looking people are soooo tall next to me 🙂

That’s photographer Jerome Stoffels with the fro!

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