I first purchased the Fenty Beauty UNCENSORED (red) Stunna Lip Paint when I was in Dubai last year. It wasn’t long after it had launched, & you know I am a RED lip girl so I bought it. My immediate reaction was not good. I didn’t like the consistency. The consistency of the Stunna Lip Paints is very watery. I get it, Fenty Beauty does refer to the product as a  “Longewar Fluid Lip Colour”. Fluid explains it. But for me, the formulas I was used to wearing from brands like Kylie Cosmetics & Colourpop were not as “fluid”. I loved the colour, but the formula put me off. Why did I not like the formula so much you’re asking? Well, because it is so liquidy, I found it difficult to apply without making a mistake. And I don’t often wear lip liners so it just seemed like too much effort. So, I didn’t wear it for a very long time.

Flash forward a few months later, & I started wearing it again. I needed to understand what was wrong with me lol. This product was receiving rave reviews & I decided to give it another go. So, what did I do differently? I took a different, slower approach to applying the lip paint. I also held the wand differently, so that I wasn’t making a mess allover my lips. So, when Fenty Beauty released a few nude shaded, I bought them too.

Fenty Beauty retails each Stunna Lip Paint for $24. This is just a little more than other liquid lipsticks from brands like Kat Von D ($20), Huda Beauty ($20), STILA ($22) & Anastasia Beverly Hills ($20). In comparison to these other brands, I do feel like the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint is worth paying a little extra for. But then again, I am a sucker for anything Rih does so I’m bias. I also love that Fenty Beauty as a brand is cruelty-free.

Fenty Beauty describes the Stunna Lip Paint as “a weightless, 12hr liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish”. This is absolutely true. This lipstick is so weightless on the lips it’s amazing! I almost forget that I am wearing it. And does it last 12 hours? It sure does! I can eat, live my life & essentially forget about my lipstick. Would I suggest purchasing this product? Absolutely! My top choice would be Uncensored (red) of course, but the nudes are pretty too!

BUY HERE & if you’re unsure how to purchase Fenty Beauty from South Africa, read here & watch my video here

The Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paints now come in 5 shades, & are still very popular with make-up enthusiasts. The product is also a bestseller on Sephora online.


UNCENSORED (Universal Red)

UNBUTTON (Peachy Nude)

UNCUFFED (Rosy Mauve)

UNVEIL (Chocolate Brown)

UNINVITED (Smooth Black)