I attended my first music festival in April this year, Coachella. Coachella is probably one of the most popular music festivals in the world, with all your favourite celebrities & musicians in attendance. I wish every music lover could attend it at least once in their lifetime. But I do get that Palm Springs is literally on the other side of the world for us South Africans. And we do have our own music festivals much closer to home, that may be a start for someone wanting to attend a festival. Recently, Bushfire took place in Swaziland, & I heard so many amazing things about it. People I know that attended, had a great time. Splashy Fen happens in KZN around Easter Weekend. Rocking The Daisies is coming up this October in Cape Town.

Music festivals around the world may differ in terms of location, artist line up, price etc. But how people dress to these festivals is pretty standard if you ask me. So, today I’m sharing with you a few styling tips for your festival experience.

Comfortable Footwear

Most festivals are in an outside area/field, so you can expect there to be grass, sand, dust or even mud. At Coachella I wore the same black ankle boots all weekend. I planned my outfits around those boots, as I had heard that the area was very dusty. Also, you’re likely to be on your feet most of the time, so why wear uncomfortable shoes that’ll stop you from dancing your butt off?! Depending on your style, comfortable shoes could be anything from sneakers to flat sandals. The choice is yours!

Accessorize Your Look

I am all for accessorising your festival look. PANDORA’s new festival collection has so many great pieces you can wear to jazz up your outfit. Earrings are a great way to make an impact. I have single ear piercings, so I opted for a feather earring & a faux ear cuff. But, if you have multiple piercings…that’s where the fun starts. You can layer your earrings. And talking about layering, you can also layer necklaces. In keeping with the feather themed jewellery look, I’m wearing a feather pendant in today’s look. You could mix & match your pendants, & layer up necklaces to make an impact.

Wear The Right Pieces For The Occassion (& Weather Too)

We often get so fixated on the look that we forget to pay attention to the elements. If the festival is in winter or rainy weather, then please carry a jacket. Most of the time, the days start off warmer or sunny, but in the evening you could find yourself freezing.  A denim jacket goes with just about any outfit, & in my opinion should be your first choice when it comes to jackets.

When it comes to your outfit, I feel that anything goes at a festival. The options are endless. Just make sure you’re comfortable in what you wear because if you’re not, you’ll spend more time adjusting your clothes, than you will dancing.

Bags That Make Sense

A fanny pack or back pack will be your best friend! These are the only kinds of bags you should be carrying at a festival. My personal favourite is a fanny pack aka bum bag. I love that it’s close to the body, & that you can see it almost all the time.

I hope today’s post has helped you prepare for Rocking The Daisies or even Coachella. Festivals around the world may differ when it comes to music, but what you wear can be adapted to every environment. And in case you haven’t already entered, PANDORA has a great competition. Participants stand a chance to win a VIP Amstel BoomTown Experience at the Vodacom Durban July for themselves and a friend, valued at R30 000. This included return flights to Durban, VVIP tickets, Pandora jewellery… & the list goes on!

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**Post is sponsored by PANDORA