I am so glad to be back today with a Fashion Blogging 101 post! I have honestly enjoyed doing these posts, & I was all sorts of sad I didn’t get a post up last week, but I wasn’t feeling too great. Anyway, today’s topic is one that I am very excited about because I think it affects many of you reading this post. It’s one thing to want to be a fashion blogger, but I have heard from a few of you that you think you don’t look a certain way, & therefore cannot be a fashion blogger. Well, in my opinion you don’t have to fit the mould to be a fashion blogger.

Now by ‘mould’ I mean that you don’t look like what some of the more successful bloggers in the country look. I feel all types of icky even typing that – but if I can’t be honest & frank with you here then what’s the point of of this series anyway? My goal here is not to make anyone feel bad about their bodies. My goal is to give you a boost in confidence so that no matter your shape or size – if you have the will to be a fashion blogger, you can be one. So many fashion bloggers globally are slim & trim, we see it everyday, all day of Instagram right? (I do know what I look like ok) Don’t get me wrong, I see the curvy girls doing great on Instagram too, but if we are completely honest with ourselves – we don’t see enough of the curvy girls right? Some of you may be thinking, who is she to talk to us about not having to fit the mould when she fits it? And you’d be right.

While I have my own opinions on this, the truth is I have been ‘slim’ my whole life. But your size doesn’t make you a good fashion blogger, having great content makes you a good / successful fashion blogger. International plus-size bloggers Nicollete Mason & Gabifresh are very successful because they create great fashion content that their readers can relate to. The gorgeous Gabi has even featured in plus-size swimwear campaigns – which I love. Locally, I enjoy Painting In Pink which is run by Cape Town fashion & beauty blogger Tammy, who is quite the DIY queen. What I enjoy about Painting In Pink is that Tammy has created a beautiful destination for everyone from the fashionista looking for fashion inspiration; to the mommy looking for inspiration for her toddler; or even the beauty enthusiast looking to find great product review.


With this post, I felt like I should involve Tammy because as a plus-size fashionista she is proving that you don’t have to fit the mould to be a fashion blogger & create great content. I asked a few questions which Tammy was gracious enough to have answered for me. I hope you guys enjoy this.

Brett:  Why did you start a blog?

Tammy: I started a blog with the intention to showcase my love for writing and fashion in one place but soon that changed into a platform for fashion freedom and physical liberation. I wear the garment, the garment doesn’t wear me.


Brett: As bloggers, we expose ourselves to all sorts of negativity by putting ourselves out there in the public eye. Were you nervous or afraid to put yourself out there? If so, how did you deal with it. If not, why not?

Tammy: If I had to use one word to describe myself it would have to be fearless. Everyone has their opinion and that’s fine. However, I don’t need to give it any attention. I’m not going to allow someone else to ruin my day with cruel comments or uncalled for statements. I must say, that I’ve only gotten 1 negative comment I thought to myself “wow, so much time spent on trolling” and then I moved on. In time you build a thick enough skin to withstand the haters, especially when the men and women in your industry have your back.


Brett: Do you ever feel the pressure to ‘fit the mould’ ?

Tammy: I don’t feel pressured to “fit in”. I’ve never fit in and it’s never been a desire of mine. Sometimes it’s harder to stand out when you look like every other man or woman on the cover of Vogue, Glamour or Elle.

**This right here is my kind of girl. I love Tammy’s response!

I’m not opposed to changing what you don’t like about yourself to feel better. As long as you’re doing it for you and for the right reasons then more power to you! I used to be slim and trim. Worked out 6 days a week and totally owned the bike. My lifestyle has changed and so has my body. The only thing I miss about my active lifestyle was how my body felt not how I felt about my body. I still love me.


Brett: What made you decide to include your daughter as a part of your blog?

Tammy: Our kids are a reflection of who we are. My daughter doesn’t know what skinny or fat is. She doesn’t know the difference between ugly or pretty. Everything is gorgeous and that’s the way we choose to raise her. I feel a connection to my readers. Women from all walks of life can come to PIP and enjoy a little bit of everything. Painting In Pink is as much hers as it is mine.


Brett: What tips would you offer to someone who wants to start a blog, but feels insecure or unsure because they  don’t fit the mould of what the seemingly popular bloggers look like?

Tammy: The mould that exists is one we choose to embrace. Even the most gorgeous of bloggers and influencers have bad hair days, bags under their eyes and have to do a little wiggle-dance to get into their favourite pair of jeans when winter has been a little too kind.

**I can absolutely relate to this. Just today I had to do the wiggle-dance!

I do believe that there are moulds. I hear it all the time when people want to look like someone else. The mould I desire to fit into is the one that represents physical and mental strength, empowerment and positivity. There are two women I feel live these qualities and its world famous fashion model Ashley Graham and Cape Town’s very own Glow Fitness Queen Rushda Moosajee Ebraheim.

Recently I’ve discovered fashion blogger Nadia Aboulhosn and I’m obsessing over her Instagram feed. Many fashion bloggers have a small frame but this doesn’t mean that the market is closed off to those of who don’t fit into sample sizes.

Knowing that women like Tess Holliday, Nicolette Mason, The Curvy Fashionista, Girl With Curves, And I Get Dressed and Gabifresh are changing our fashion world by changing the rules of what is deemed to be “socially acceptable” in the fashion industry makes me happy. I think knowing my industry and the influencers who are pioneering it definitely gives me the confidence to conquer the South African Market.


I have goose bumps after reading Tammy’s answers. When I thought of doing this post, my only vision was to create something that would make the person reading feel good, & hopefully learn something from.

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Tell me what you guys think of today’s topic, I would really love to hear your feedback or experience.