Dress (Necessary Clothing) | Fringe Jacket (Nasty Gal) | Heels (Steve Madden)
It’s been a hot minute since my last outfit post, but I wanted to share this one with you before I left for China. Tomorrow I am off to China on business. I am making a stop in Dubai for 2 days on my way to SA, & then I shall be back in time for Easter with my family. It’s to funny, but 2 years ago I remember spending Easter alone in Hong Kong having lunch in Starbucks. This time of year for us clothing/fashion folk is always so busy. Last year this time I was in China, then a few weeks later in April I was in New York. This lifestyle really is something. But it does take some getting used to. And it is by no means for everyone. I must admit it suits me just fine. I get stressed, & from time to time I feel drained & exhausted – but I wouldn’t change it. I love that I have purpose everyday, doing something that makes me feel happy.
I am really looking forward to this trip. I have been working so hard on my secret project which will be revealed very soon, that this working trip is almost going to be like a holiday. 
Now this look. I feel like it’s so damn chic & classy. But at the same time there’s that edge with the fringe leather jacket. I purchased this jacket last year, & when it finally arrived earlier this year I was so excited to wear it, but I just never did – until this. I felt like this look was perfect to introduce you all to this beauty. If I was at Paris Fashion Week, I would dress like this. No doubt in my mind. I would own this.

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