I shared my MISSGUIDED shopping experience with you all last year. The title was all you needed to read, “I feel scammed” (view the VIDEO HERE & BLOG POST HERE).  And in all truth, I did & still very much feel that way. You see, my order was mostly SALE items, however the invoice was at full price. So, I had been charged taxes based on the original price, & not the price I had paid. It worked out to 67% duty & that excluded all the other fees I had to pay to clear the goods. In a nutshell, my order value incl shipping was R1453.67, & I had to pay R1876.31 on top of that in taxes & clearing documents etc.

As I had mentioned in my video, I had no intention on buying from MISSGUIDED & shipping the goods to SA. My plan was to go back to my initial method of shopping when I travel to London. However, I saw shoes that I really wanted, & didn’t want to risk not getting them. My MISSGUIDED Shopping Experience was very different this time. I had gambled with giving the a 2nd chance, & I am pleased with the outcome.

Date of order: Thursday, 10 January 2019

Blue Top Cap Pointed Heeled Mules £7 (on SALE from £25)

Black Cone Heel Long Tassle Boots £12 (on SALE from £30)

Subtotal: £19 / R353.40

SHIPPING £30 / R558

TOTAL (Minus £2.40 discount using code on site) : £46.60 / R866.73

Date parcel arrived in SA: Monday, 14 January 2019 (via courier)

I worked out the item values in Rands & included the shipping costs (divided equally) in the item cost & I think it worked out so well. I am really happy.

Blue Top Cap Pointed Heeled Mules / R386.88

I think this is an absolutely reasonable price to have paid for these shoes. And I can tell you already that I am going to wear them to death. They’re a knock off of the Chanel mule style which I adore!

Black Cone Heel Long Tassle Boots / R479.88

Again I feel this is totally worth it. I have been planning my AW19 wardrobe & these boots are going to go so well with so many outfits I have planned.

So ladies, I think MISSGUIDED is worth giving a go if you’re on the market for something cute that you can’t find in SA. They have lots of cute accessories & clothes. And they even have a very YEEZY inspired collection that could have you looking a lot like Kim Kardashian West herself. They have obviously fixed their issues & have made our shopping experiences a lot better.

I do think it will always be a bit of a gamble buying from online stores out of South Africa, but sometimes it really works out great. You just need to decide for yourself if you are willing to take the risk.