Hat (Mr Price) |  Popcorn knit (YDE – old) | Gold Tee (Blackeyed Susan via Sassychic) | Jeans (Cotton On) | Heels (Forever21) | 
Bag (Blackcherry via Spree) | Necklace (Legit) | “COOL” ring & bracelet (Tessa at YDE)

Lately I’ve been trying new things – like hats. I found this one a few weeks ago & I am finally getting to wear it. I vowed I would not buy any more new clothes until I have worn EVERYTHING I already have that is new. It’s been quite hard, especially when I go to the mall. There is temptation everywhere. SALE signs calling me into stores & what not. I need a little more will power; or I need to only dress in clothes from the NEW stuff.

What makes it worse is that I’m going to China next week. China means H&M!! This shouldn’t be too hard right?! Repeat after me: I will not shop.

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