Gold dress (Rihanna x River Island) | Coat (Traffic) | Heels (Forever21) | Clutch (Hong Kong) | 
Gold necklace (LEGIT) | Earrings (H&M) | Diamante necklace (China)
I love dressing up. It makes me feel good. But not often do I feel as amazing, confident & beautiful as I did when I shot this look. When I first saw these images I literally couldn’t stop staring (I swear I don’t usually do that!) But I was just in awe of them. Not just me in them, but the lighting; the way I styled myself; the way I did my hair & make-up; & the awesome talent of my friend Jerome. I wish I could have put all 60 of them in this post but I was worried you guys might start to think I’m crazy lol
I like to think that I inspire you. This dress sat in my closet for months after I purchased it & then I pulled it out because the right occasion had finally arrived for me to wear it. And I feel inspired when I look at these images. Do you? Ladies & gents I think I have a new favourite OOTD! 
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And if you want to see more amazing photography from Jerome Stoffels, click here.

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