Selfie. We have all taken them, but how many of us can say that we were able to purchase clothing all from a selfie? Well, Urban is running an amazing campaign (from 1 – 15 December) where you get to pay for merchandise with  your selfie. Want to know how? Read the details below:
  • Follow @UrbanSelfie on twitter (You will want to stay updated)
  • Get down to your nearest Urban store, find an item you like; try the item on & tweet a selfie (of yourself wearing it) to @UrbanSelfie & hashtag #UrbanSelfie (Be sure to represent what the Urban brand stands for in your selfie. Be simple, stylish & sensual)
  • Urban will reply to your selfie, & if they feel you have represented the brand well  (your selfie is either stylish, simple or sensual), you will receive a R100 discount (which you will show to the cashier at the till)
  • And if Urban thinks your selfie is Stylish, Simple AND Sensual – well then you could get an even bigger discount!!!

URBAN will also be giving away a R5000 & R10 000 wardrobe a day to their favorite selfie that has gotten the most rewteets. And wait for it…. the most popular selfie of the campaign wins a trip to New York or London!!! Eeeek!! I would LOVE that!

  • All selfies will be posted to Urban’s Facebook page. 
  • The selfie with the most likes at the end of the campaign will receive a modeling contract with Urban
  • R100 vouchers can only be redeemed on purchases over R199
  • R200 vouchers can only be redeemed on purchases over R299
  • R300 vouchers can only be redeemed on purchases over R399
  • Urban’s decision on vouchers & winners is final
  • Only 100 vouchers per store will be given out
  • Winners of the main prizes will be announced after the promotion ends on 15 December

Goodluck my babes!
I am so excited to enter this!
Really want to go back to NYC & not have to do any work!

**Please note, this is a sponsored post