I like to think of myself as a pretty awesome traveller. Whether we’re talking jet lag; when to go to the loo on a plane; or how to pack your carry-on for a long flight – I’m pretty knowledgable. I had never had the opportunity to travel overseas until I started working in clothing. I have traveled to so many places since working at my job: China, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, London, Paris, & even Bangkok for literally a day! I travel at the very least 4 times a year internationally which is great. It does get crazy at times, but I do enjoy it. I get so many travel-related questions, I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing my experiences on my blog.

I have posted some travel diaries when I was overseas, but it’s not always easy because I am there to work & I am mostly very tired. If you’re keen for me to ‘make an effort’ & start posting those again, let me know. Someone did recently request vlogs when I travel, but I’ve never vlogged so that’s a little scary!  See some of my travel diaries: London | Paris |  China | Hong Kong

20160620_130401 These are literally the essentials, excluding my laptop which isn’t pictured here. If you’re on a flight for 8+ hours, a magazine is essential, & so are headphones. If you are travelling alone, they will actually be a lifesaver. And even when travelling with someone, you need to zone out & have some time to yourself, so I highly recommend you not leave these behind.

20160621_130050 Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on

I always recommend this when you are travelling internationally. Your luggage could get lost, or end up arriving on the next flight (to that destination). Last year, I arrived in London with no bag. My bag arrived about 8 hours later at the hotel but it was such an unpleasant feeling. If you at least have a change of underwear & clean clothes to wear I guarantee you will feel a little bit better.

20160620_124157 Skincare essentials for a long flight

This is my favourite part of a long flight. I often board a flight with make-up on, but remove the make-up before I sleep with my favourite wipes – right now they are the Garnier Pure Active cleansing wipes. I always carry the Cettua spot clear patches & my Young Solution spot clearing drops (I’ve been using these since I was a teen). Both these products are great if you have a breakout before or during your flight. Most people wouldn’t feel comfortable, but I like to wear a sheet mask on my face for at least an hour. Getting that moisture into your skin is so essential when flying, I really recommend it. After I remove the moisturising sheet mask, I go in with a facial oil. I am a HUGE fan of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, but I have recently tried the L’Oreal Extraordinary oil, which isn’t bad so far. I look so oily before I sleep, but I swear when you wake up your skin will feel amazing!


Pack the make-up essentials you need for a ‘basic’ face

Before I land at my destination (depending on the time I’m landing & what I will be doing when I get there.) I like to apply just a little make-up to my face. Most important in this little bag is my concealer & brow products. I can live with just those 2. But if I am in the mood for a little more, I like to add a little Benefit Sun Beam to my cheeks to look a little glowy. That, plus the combo of the oil you applied earlier will really make for a lovely natural glow. I rarely apply eyeshadow, but I like to carry some just in case I do want to. Mascara is also something that immediately makes your tired eyes look awake so I strongly suggest a coat of mascara on the eyelashes. I do also carry any palettes that I’m travelling with in my hand luggage in case of breakage. Unfortunately, recently my KAT VON D Shade & Light Contour palette did still manage to break in my hand luggage, but that is still much better than putting it in a suitcase that gets thrown around.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I really look forward to sharing more travel tips with you all. If you have anything in particular you would like to see, be sure to leave a comment below.