Dress (Forever21) / Heels (River Island) / Flower crown (H&M)
Flashback vibes with today’s OOTD! This is from Dubai back in September!! Can you say delayed lol. I duno. I needed to shoot daily pictures for a 30 Day campaign you will find about about in the new year, & so I shot these, but wasn’t sure if they would make it to the blog. Well, hotel-hallway-aside, they did in fact make it 🙂
Oh & in case you didn’t know – Eminem (aka The Greatest) is touring South Africa next year. Sigh! Unfortunately at this point its looking bleak for me as I am traveling around that time for work so I probably won’t be in SA! Very sad!
**It is really weird but some of the photos turned Sepia when they uploaded! So mad!
Oh & something exciting from Garnier coming tomorrow!!!

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