Top (Miss Selfridge) | Skirt (Mr Price) | Heels (Steve Madden) | Earrings (Lovisa) | Rings (Asos) 
I styled this look for a small feature I did for GET IT Magazine Durban (see it here). I just love how sexy this bodysuit is. I posted all 3 looks using this stunning lime skirt – but I still had this look to post individually (I love seeing lots of images rather than just the published image). 
I received a little criticism over my styling choices in the feature, & I thought I would chat a bit about that over here. Style is an individual thing. What appeals to you may not appeal to me. And as the person styling the 3 looks for GET IT Mag – I not only had to think of myself, but mainly about the reader. It’s very similar to what I do at work. I see an amazing garment & want to have it with all the bells & whistles – but I can’t do that because i have to think of who my customer is. She is pretty much your average female. Very commercial & not very fashion forward (she doesn’t take risks with fashion). You have to approach trends lightly with her & it takes time for her to get into it. But back to my styling choices – I previously styled this skirt with a lilac top & chiffon bomber (see here), & while that was a great look – it did not have mass appeal, & while many would’ve loved the way it looked – they would not have worn it in that way. So, when styling these looks, I thought to myself “How can I make everyone feel like they can try this; but still feel like I could wear it too?”. And that’s how I came up with the looks. You may not agree with my choices – but that’s ok. 

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