A few weeks ago I travelled to London for work. This was my first time in the UK. And since re-vamping the blog, I have wanted to share more of my lifestyle. So, I want to share my London travel photo diary with you all.  The London stint was short & sweet – 3 days! And honestly I spent all 3 days working. Trending trips are very tiring; you walk all day & literally shop until you drop. From a ‘trend’ perspective, I was so excited to finally see London. I spent most of my time on Oxford Street & stayed in that area too. It was GREAT! I love Primark – so so cheap! And not at all dodge quality.

On my last night in London, I had hoped to go out & actually see something other than the inside of clothing stores – but I was sick & it had just gotten worse so I stayed in bed. The truth is that while I really enjoy the travel aspect of my job, we seldom get to truly experience the places we visit. But then, we travel to these places often enough that if you see one thing on each trip, eventually you would’ve seen it all right?

All in all though, I had a really good time in London. I cannot wait to go back. If I had to point out my favourite part of this trip, it would have to be the HUGE Topshop on Oxford Street. You have never seen anything so awesome! There are permanent frozen yoghurt & other confectionary stations; as well as a HUGE accessory department. And can I just tell you how BIG the shoe department is. OH-MY-GOSH! This store is any fashionista’s dream.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I look forward to posting more like these as I go on more trips 🙂 Travel diary London 2 Travel diary London 5 Travel diary London 3 Travel diary London 6 Travel diary London 4 Travel diary London 1