It’s only a few months to go until we have a few Zara stores opening here in South Africa, and can I just say that I am super excited! I have been loving Zara’s clothes for a while now, & just the thought that I will have access to them here in my city ( Durban) is a dream. When I first saw the construction signs outside the mall ( Gateway Theatre of Shopping ) I go to, I was like what is that?! Previously, I had only heard of Cape Town & Johannesburg getting Zara stores, but luckily, Durban is too. They have apparently combined 2 or 3 smaller boutiques, and extended into the parking lot to make the new Zara store! Now can you see why I am soooo excited? It’s going to be awesome!

Here are a few of the looks I am loving from the Zara website!

This Sequinned blazer is fabulous!!!

Love this simple but dramatic dress with side slits. You have to have killer legs for this!

Gotta love metallics.

This tunic is great for a NIGHT OUT!

I love love love this striped tunic, I would so wear this!

I love this twill shirt, very cool!

I love this feather gilet, not sure if I could pull it off though?!

Loving the two-tone shoes!!