I have been trying out these Maybelline Color Show 60 Seconds nail polishes for a while now. When it comes to any beauty product, I prefer to give it a good go before saying anything about it. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me wearing these nail polishes, & may even recognise some of these images too.

Personally, I am not particularly drawn to quick drying nail polishes because I tend to be a slow painter.  However, with saying that, I still do find this nail polish to be great. I love the colours, & I especially love how long they last on my nails. The chip-resistant formula actually does work. Many nail polishes claim this, but very few actually live up to it. I have been using these in conjunction with the Maybelline Dr Rescue All-In-One nail polish. This is used as a base & top coat. I suppose that is also making a HUGE difference in how I am experiencing these nail polishes.


328 Sidewalk Strut

I love a nude nail colour, & this taupe/grey nude is perfect. I am absolutely in love with. And I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I receive tons of comments when I wear it.  I apply 2 coats of this colour as well as a base & top coat.

Maybelline Color Show Sidewalk Strut


329 Canal Street Coral + 331 Pink Party Dress

I tried these for a fun twist to my nails. I am not really a fan of orange shades on my nails, but I really wanted to try the glitter shade with a colour under so this was the perfect combo. I found that when I used the glitter colour on it’s own it was too sheer – even with 2 coats. So, I decide to apply 2 coats of the Canal Street Coral & then added the glitter shade, Pink Party Dress as a top coat. I loved the result, & thought it looked very pretty. Although the ‘Pink Party Dress’ name doesn’t make any sense because it’s actually a copper / orange glitter. Anyway, I kept this on for about 1 week, & it didn’t chip during that time.

Maybelline Color Show Canal Street Coral



I hope you guys are enjoying the new approach I am taking to reviewing beauty products. After I did the Essence Soft Touch Mousse foundation review, I honestly felt so proud. It really has been one of my favourite product reviews ever!

This week is going to be crazy busy for me, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I hope you all have a lovely, productive week.


DISCLAIMER | Products were gifted, however the opinions in this post are my own, & have not been paid for.