MEOOW crop & Quilted skirt (H&M) / Heels (River Island) / Clutch (Hong Kong) / 
Earrings (Sass Diva) / Rings & Bracelet (Forever21 & H&M)
MEOOW!!! From the second I saw this crop top I was like “You Are Mine”! I have always thought cats to be feisty creatures, & although some may disagree – they tend to give off a “Im superior & mysterious” vibe. Well, this little crop just makes me think of the attitude & feistiness of felines. Which I can relate to, because sometimes I tend to give off the “Don’t you even dare try me” face lol. My little cat ramble is probably because they are the only pets I could see myself having. Yeah, I could totally be a little fashion-loving-cat-lady.
BTW – These are from Day 2 of my trip to Johannesburg with LEGIT. I wore this look to breakfast, & for a little shopping date with the blogging bunch!

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