When it comes to shopping online, I’d say I’m very experienced. I was ordering from Boohoo, Asos & PrettyLittleThing back in 2013. Yeah, I actually totally forgot about having ordered from  PLT until I signed up for an account recently lol.  Recently, my online shopping has mainly been make-up & shoes. But as per your requests, I am sharing my experience online shopping for clothing. As a regular Missguided shopper, I normally have my order shipped to my hotel room in London, but I wanted to order as if it were you shopping & having it delivered to SA. Paying 40% customs is expected when you order over R500 (if I am not mistaken), but think order was a duster in my opinion. The video has all the details, but here is my cost breakdown for you!

Here is a list of my order as well as my shipping fee. The Rand value is based on what was deducted from my bank account on the day it was ordered, at a R16.90 exchange rate.

Date of order: 2 March 2018

carli bybel x missguided pink diamante embellished cycling shorts £9 / R152.10

nude long sleeved v neck bodysuit £4 / R67.60

carli bybel x missguided navy satin jacket £22 / R371.80

carli bybel x missguided navy slinky cycling shorts £6 / R101.40

carli bybel x missguided long sleeve ribbed midi dress £6 / R101.40

blue midnight candy skull gems £10 / R169

Subtotal £57 / R963.30

SHIPPING £30 / R507

TOTAL (minus £1 discount): £86 / R1453.67

Date parcel arrived in SA: 6 March 2018… 4 days later WOWZA

Upon the parcel arriving, I was informed that I had to pay for a customs invoice to the value of R1876.31. Needless to say I was shocked! I think my shock mainly came from the fact that this was more than what I had actually paid for the order, & even if you take out the R360 excl VAT for the agency & documentation fees, it’s about the same amount as my order. Not the 40% I was expecting to pay. If you look at the duty alone of R979.55, that was 67% of my actual order value. But when you compare it to the invoice value that MISSGUIDED used (with full prices, not sale prices) it works out to 43% of that INCORRECT R2268 value.

In a nutshell, my order was marked at a higher value of R2268 by Missguided. The prices were as per the original prices, & not the sale prices which I paid. Also, I’d like to point out that had the order come via the SAPO, it would not have come with the agency & documentation fee. So, where I budgeted an approximate amount of R600 to pay, I paid 3 times that amount. I really wasn’t happy about it, & actually didn’t open the parcel for a whole month.

Here are the pics of the items I bought. Don’t forget to watch the video & let me know what you think!