I don’t know what it is about fabric that just sends me into a frenzy. The second I enter a fabric shop I WANT IT ALL!!! My fabric shopping buddy, Ana P, would always be the voice telling me “No!” She would ask me questions like: “What are you planning on using that for?” or “Do you really need that?” My answers were seldom truthful, and more often than not – I BOUGHT THE FABRIC ANYWAY!

During my 2nd year as a fashion student, we had a Bollywood themed project. And so, I bought like five saris in the hopes to use one, maybe two. Well, I used two for the project; gave one away; and two have been in a cupboard for two years now. That is the unfortunate fate of most of the fabrics I buy or rather “Have to Have!”

However, some do get lucky…

In a state of panic, two days before a 21st birthday party…I NEEDED A DRESS. FAST! Now I must tell you that I have metres and metres of all kinds of fabrics, so finding something was not a pleasant task. However, I did find one of the saris that I had purchased two years ago. It was purple with splashes of blue and white geometric patterns. Just my style.

I sketched.
I made a pattern.
I sewed.
I tweaked.
I sewed.
I altered.
I loved.

This is the final product. A fun, flirty halter dress. I am pairing the dress with silver round-toed heels and silver hoops, and Im good to go.

I truly love my craft. It’s an amazing feeling to see and be a part of the process of birthing a new creation.

Im ready to party!!!