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Platforms (Launch @ Zando)

I am off to China tomorrow evening & thought I would post an outfit before I go. Blackcherry Handbags has sent me another lovely handbag (yes! I am totes spoilt by them) & wanted to show it off to you guys! I am hoping I get to at least post while I am there (it would make life so much easier) – however, China does have a firewall for Blogger, Google, Facebook  etc.  Sad I know 🙁 
Anyway, just an update on a few things that have been happening in my life 🙂 I have been contributing to Stylescoop, & have just started contributing for East Coast Radio too 🙂 And this week I got to chat a bit about it on the radio with Abi Ray. It’s getting super busy these days, but I live for this busy, crazy life so you won’t hear any complaints from me 🙂

If I don’t manage to post, Facebook or tweet – know that I am thinking of all my amazing readers! Love you all too much! Can’t wait to post pictures! Be sure to check out my instagram – it won’t be blocked 🙂 @brettrobson 

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