So apparently you all want to know a little more about me, my life, & most importantly – What do I do for a living? What sparked this was all the traveling I did from August up until September. Thanks so much for submitting your questions on Facebook – I will try to keep answers short & sweet! xx

What do I do? I am a designer/merchandiser in the rag trade (clothing industry). The company I work for supplies retailers with ladies fashion merchandise. While I can’t name some customers, one of our main customers is The Hub.

How do I get to travel? Since August, I have been to New York, Hong Kong, China & Dubai. Hong Kong is a normal stop before China – we generally spend a day or so there doing trending (aka shopping), & entertaining of customers (aka dinner). China is where all the work happens. Sittings in costings; going to the markets to source fabrics & trims; going to textile suppliers; visiting factories etc. I have recently taken on the merchandiser-in-training role & thats where New York & Dubai come in. Those trips are purely for the purpose of trending – which means you shop until you drop! Literally.

Me at our knitwear supplier in China

What did I study? I studied fashion design straight out of matric. So glad I realized it soon enough – this is my true passion in life.

What jobs have I had since finishing my studies? Before I even had my degree, I had a job – junior merchandiser for a kiddies character t-shirt supplier to a MAJOR retailer in SA (I can’t mention names).  I had no real understanding of what the industry really was & I hated it. Quit before 6 months was up. I then took time off (which is when I started the blog) to do my own thing & figure my life out. I did a few matric dance dresses; styled photoshoots; studied a course on entrepreneurship; & blogged. Then, 2 years ago, I had a life changing experience which made me realize that I had forgotten about all my career ambitions. Now, with a BA Degree in Fashion Design, there were lots of different jobs I could’ve gotten into, but I knew I wanted to be in that buying/merchandising area. Anyway, I got a job at Woolworths working as an instore visual merchandiser aka window dresser. And while I loved it there & loved the job itself, I knew what I wanted in the long run. I stayed there for 6 months until I found my current job. Designer. I have been doing this for just over a year & a half.

Does my job support me as a blogger? Absolutely. I am so lucky to have found myself working in a environment that accepts that I have outside interests, & also values that everything I do is building my brand. If I make sure I have taken care of what I need to at the office, they don’t hassle me too much about all the time I take off. But I wouldn’t neglect my job for my blog. My job affords me international travel & a steady income so it would be silly of me. But that’s also why I’m picky with which events I attend, I can’t attend everything – Im not trying to be a socialite.

Do I feel like I could stay at my current job forever, or am I planning on bigger & better things? Right now, I am extremely happy where I am however I never rule anything out. Although, I do believe that it wont be easy finding another employer that believes in me like my current one. But, in terms of my future fashion goals, I definitely see myself launching a line of swimwear or clothing. I think that I have a fair understanding of what the consumer wants so why not?!

In the market with my supplier based in  China / Me / The Hub ladies wear buyer Cheryl

What did I want to do as a child? I wanted to be a lawyer (so glad I din’t do that!). But I used to make Barbie clothes from old socks, so that could’ve been an early hint at my passion.

Besides fashion, what do I do, & what motivates me? Gosh I actually don’t have much of a life! lol. I pretty much just go to work & sometimes attend events, & stay home. I am addicted to tv shows so that’s what I do on most weekends! I’m a self motivated person. I push myself to achieve goals & don’t need someone behind me trying to push me towards achieving greatness.

What inspires me? I’m pretty much inspired by everything I see. But mostly by clothing, photography & how clothing is styled. I treat my magazines like The Bible.

Why do I never share my relationship? Well, that’s because I am single. Although I can’t say whether or not I will be very public should I choose to get into a relationship at some point.

Where do I shop? I shop everywhere locally. But one of my favorites spots internationally is H&M!! I literally went to 3 H&M’s in New York / 1 in Hong Kong / & 2 in Dubai!!! And that was in the space of 4 weeks!

Me in New York

What have been the challenges in getting where I am today? In terms of my blog, one of the biggest challenges is that I live in Durban. Not many fashion events happen here so I wasn’t really in touch with other bloggers or with brands.Over the past year, I have put myself out there & developed friendships with other bloggers – that helps.

What advice would I give to someone who wants to do what I do? Well, be sure its where your heart lies. My heart belongs to fashion & I believe that that is why I am doing so well. But if it is what you want, go for it! It’s not glamourous, & it’s exhausting – but it’s so worth it! Be realistic though, even I had the delusion that I was going to be the next amazing designer after I studied fashion. Truth is, most of us aren’t. But the fashion & clothing industry is so vast that there are a million options. Or you can create your own opportunities too. Decide on what you want & go for it!

This has been great guys, I hope you feel like you know me a little better now 🙂

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