I’m very excited to share todays follow up experience with Savage X Fenty | Lingerie by Rihanna. Since my initial video, I have purchased quite a bit. And even after filming this follow up video I purchased yet again. This lady is kinda obssessed. I just love the brand so much. I get that a lot of what the brand is not new, but I love the overall aesthetic & how the brand shows diversity with their models. And also the SAVINGS! Who doesn’t love to save a little coin!

Taking about savings, I am mainly saving because of the SAVAGE X XTRA VIP Membership. The membership helps you save & you also get access to exclusive product. Here’s the 4-1-1:

  • Only on offer to addresses in USA (Sign up for SHIPITO if you haven’t already)
  • You pay $49.95 per month, however you have the option to SKIP a month
  • Xtra VIP members can get up to 25% OFF full priced items
  • FREE SHIPPING over $49
  • Bundle Offers that will save you $$$
  • Access to Xtra VIP monthly box

I think the Xtra VIP membership is so worth it. Yeah you have to pay $49.95 per month, but if you are not going to buy anything that month or you simply want to SKIP; you simply need to SKIP the month before 6th of the month on your profile & you won’t be charged. And if you forget to skip the month then your account will be credited with the $49.95. And you can spend that credit to buy yourself lingeries. And hey you can cancel at any time you want, so you’re not being held to it.


Here are a few examples of how you can save with the Savage X Xtra VIP Membership:

Exclusive VIP Set: X Ribbed Crop Top & Bikini Set | $49.95

Regular Price: X Rib Crop Top $30 | X Rib Short $34 | Savage X High Leg Bikini $25 | Savage X Tank $39 – Total $128

You can save $78.05 by buying the bundle, Pretty awesome right?!


Exclusive VIP Set: Savage X High Leg Trio | $29.95

Regular Price: Savage X Bralette $30 | Savage X Thong $24 | Savage X High Leg Bikini $25 – Total $79

You can save $49.05 by purchasing the bundle.


So, have I swayed you to the Xtra VIP Members club? Find out more about SAVAGE X Xtra VIP Membership here.

If you haven’t watched my initial SAVAGE X FENTY review – watch below: