Last week I attended my very SKIP Fashion Exchange. I had an idea of what the event was about but having never experienced it myself I was quite excited to finally be a part of this awesome concept.

The Fashion Exchange was the final event in the SKIP #MyFabulous campaign. Over the past few weeks, I have been sharing with you the design journey of #MyFabulousDBN designer Sibu Msimang. It has been so lovely getting to know Sibu, & to see how she works. And I cannot tell you how proud I was when her collection came down the runway at the Fashion Exchange.

By the time I got upstairs, where the rails of ready to swap clothing was waiting, almost every woman had a few items in her hands. The idea of getting ‘new’ clothes and not having to pay money for them is pretty exciting right.

I had an amazing time at the SKIP Fashion Exchange, & I am so glad I was able to work on this great campaign that showcased our beautiful city Durban.

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