Bikini (℅ Roxstar) / Denim Shorts (℅ Lee) / Sandals (LEGIT) / Sunglasses (CK ℅ Moscon Optics) / 
T-shirt (H&M) / Backpack (Blackcherry via Style36)
2013 has been an amazing year for me, but it has been exhausting as well (work-wise & blog-wise). And although I am not on holiday from work as yet, when I do go on leave over Christmas, I plan on spending lots of time at the beach. I tried having a morning at the beach but Durban weather over summer is so unpredictable. It was crazy windy & my hair was blowing all over the place. I did squeeze in a few pictures though (Duh!). 
Totally in love with the color of this Roxstar bikini. My mom especially loved it too. She couldn’t stop telling me how pretty it was against my skin. lol. Thanks mommy 🙂

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