Blouse (H&M) | Skirt (Mr Price) | Bag (Blackcherry Bags) | Heels (Gavin Rajah x LEGIT)

How do you dress to work? This is not a look I would wear very often, as I like to be very relaxed & comfortable at the office. I am often running around & getting down & dirty with samples, measuring tapes & all; so this look doesn’t make sense for me. However, if you are in an office environment & if this is the kind of look you wear to work – well I think this is a nice way to spruce up your look. Most women wear classic colored pencil skirts to work (black / navy/ stone) – but I think you could really make a statement by wearing a bold colored skirt like this lime one.

I hope this was helpful, & that I have inspired you to be bolder in your work-dressing!

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