I received this press drop a few weeks ago, & I was immediately intrigued by this brand. 3INA (pronounced MINA) is launching in South Africa this August, in Eastgate Mall, Johannesburg. ¬†With over 450 products including make-up & skincare, I think this will make for an exciting new offering for you ladies. The average price of products is R149.99, which is quite affordable. The products pictured in today’s post were MADE IN various countries like France, Germany & Italy, so I suspect the quality is top notch. I am so excited that more & more brands are coming to our shores. Just last month Urban Decay opened it’s doors, & I am sure we will see an expansion very soon. South African women are so hungry for good quality beauty brands, it’s about time we’re heard.

I mentioned these product in my latest HOT New Products video, & even though I did swatch them & such, I thought it would be nice to write about some of my thoughts that were not mentioned in the video.

I have tried the 3INA Pen Eyeliner since filming the video, & it is absolutely awesome. It really is BLACK & easy-to-use. If I recommend anything, this would be it. I have also tried the Highlighter in 201, which upon first impression, I found to lack pigment. However, I have since used it on my face, & I actually like it. It’s not the most pigmented highlight, but it is great for an everyday make-up look.

While I don’t see myself wearing blue eyeshadow, I have to tell you the eyeshadow is very pigmented. I have not used it on my eyes, so I am not sure of how well it blends. But so far so good in terms of the look of it. I didn’t particularly like The Shiny Lipstick. Personally, I prefer an opaque lipstick, so this one was not for me.

Watch HOT New Products Vol. 2 Video here.