Boyfriend Jeans (Legit) | Blouse + Leather Jacket (ZARA) | Heels (Woolworths)

Boyfriend jeans are something that I have come to love over time. I started off only wearing skinny jeans, but eventually I started enjoying wearing boyfriend jeans & they have become something I can’t resist. This pair of boyfriend jeans from Legit is especially awesome because it has a few slashes at the back. Cool or nah? Well, I love it!

Anyway, it’s been a crazy few weeks for me, but I am glad there has been a constant flow of posts here & on social media. Partly thanks to adding an assistant to the team for the past 2 months. Time just goes with the wind, & before you know it the year is over. And as sad as it is, there is so much to look forward to. I am working on a few exciting things. Including an awesome Revlon digital campaign. If you would like to hear more about it, see here.

Images by Jerome Stoffels Photography

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